National Quilt Museum Visit


I was in Paducah for a wonderful weekend to see Two Approaches, my dual show with Denyse Schmidt.  Denyse is showing 17 quilts made to be used on beds and I am showing 18  various sized wall quilts.  The Exhibition runs until January 14, 2014.  The Museum has posted images of the show on its website and facebook page.  

So many people come to the Museum from all over!  There were 30 Australian quilters on a tour and Lynn Franks and Janet Rochon just happened by on their way back to Georgia from a work conference in St. Louis.  It was my treat to get to chat with such knowledgeable visitors.  I took along a sample so I could share my process up close an personal and let people actually touch my hand stitching.pair.001

Judy Schwender, Curator, has done a stellar job of hanging the show which compliments both Denyse’s and my quilts.  Denyse is a delightful person and her work is new to many of the traditional quilters who I met at the Museum.  It was gratifying to see how many quilters could see the historic links of Denyse’s designs and appreciated how challenging it is to work with so few design elements.  You can learn all about Denyse and her distinctive quilts at

     Here are Denyse and I and a view of the entrance to our show.
Image 2IMG_0336

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