Tokyo Fashion and Architecture

Tokyo is the most “foreign” place I’ve ever been because there are so many people but I never felt crowded.  Everyone seems to respect everyone else and the people just flow thru the stations or on the sidewalks. There are almost no collisions.  It’s also very different because it is clean and tidy so that it is easy to appreciate all the sites.  Design is everywhere in Tokyo and the contrast between the old and the new in fashion and architecture is wonderful.

Harajuku Girls


Some young girls like to combine versions of goth, punk, school girl, and traditional dress in what become very individual outfits.  The Harajuku District has many boutiques that cater to these shoppers which is where we snapped the girl with the pose.  The sweet thing in pink was at the Ueno JR Station awaiting a train.

Traditional Dress



Kimono are still seen on the streets and I believe are often chosen because of special occasions like the Award Ceremony I attended.  The Bride and Groom wore traditional garb for their Shinto Ceremony at the Meiji Shrine.




The Ginza District has fantastic modern buildings but the traditional temples are amazing as well.  What a lot of inspiration for any artist!

Mikimoto Building, Ginza District, Tokyo

5 Story Pagoda, Asakusa District, Tokyo

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